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Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs - by Ewald Kliegel & Anne Heng - Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland
Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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For thousands of years we know the power of gemstones and massages with crystal wands offer a wide range of opportunities for well being and other treatments. Thus, the organs will be adressed in their energetic presence. By combining reflexology and crystals the organs are reminded of the power being within their original spiritual idea. In this way, we strengthen these bearer of life - functions in our bodies at all levels.

When we perform treatments with crystals (not only with crystal wands) we try to rebalance ourselves and others, to find a harmony between body and soul. This includes a requirement of freedom from pain in all applications.
For sure, sometimes we "surf along” just below the threshold of pain, but we never go beyond that line. To achieve this we use body-references, such as breathing patterns, muscle testing, palpation of the puls or minimal involuntary utterances. Thus, the reactions and our treatments can be calibrated.

As a foundation of mindfulness, it is necessary to tune into the treatment field that exists between us and our patients / clients. Thus, the backgrounds of communication, the space of consciousness, and the fine tuning on all physical and spiritual levels can be realized in practice, in a way that opens up new paths in dealing with those who entrust themselves to our hands.

These are my utmost concerns in my seminars which are designed in such a way that you can apply this fascinating method already on the next day in your practice.


Crystal wands - energy tools for well-being and other treatments
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Treatments - Applications - Techniques - Opportunities
Energetical strengthening of the organs

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