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Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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crystal wand Entspannungs-Massagen

Already massages alone are supposed to bring pure well being. Supported with crystal wands our clients and patients may reach even faster that inner field of blissful comfort where they can find deep relaxation.

Depending on the initial state we need crystal qualities which divert the energies or other ones feeding energies.

People who's tensions are caused by excessive energies need crystals drawing off the surplus. Following crystals are suited specially for these purposes:

crystal wand Achat Amazonit crystal wand Aventurin crystal wand Magnesit crystal wand
Agate Amazonite Aventurine green Magnesite
Selenit (Fasergips) crystal wand Stichtit in Serpentin crystal wand Turmalin Schörl crystal wand
Selenite  Stichtite in Serpentine Tourmaline (Schorl)

But if the tensions are caused by the other energetic state, by lacking engery, we'll need another strategy. Then we'll best take crystals convey energy, e.g.:
crystal wand Apatit Amazonit crystal wand Bronzit crystal wand Calcit Orange crystal wand
Apatite Aventurine red Bronzite Calcite Orange
Granit blau crystal wand Jaspis rot crystal wand Mahagony-Obsidian crystal wand Tigereisen crystal wand
Granite blue Jasper red Mahagony-Obsidian Tiger iron

To find out which special one of these supplying or conducting crystals we need we may use one of the testing modes.