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Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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Edelsteingriffel Meridian-Massagen Akupressur
In the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) energy channels play a major role. These meridians run through the body, such as irrigation channels and supplying the body and soul with energy. There are 26 main meridians, 12 on the left side of the body, 12 on the right side of the body, 1 on the midline of the front and 1 on the midline of the back. The meridians on both sides have clear references to the organs and according to their affiliation they are named after them, e.g. meridian of the liver, lung, heart or kidney.

Basically, we can imagine this system as an irrigation system. When such a channel now leads too little energy the plants would dry up - or transferred to our bodies, we then have pain or dysfunctions. Similarly, problems arise with a too much or a channel which is too full. Here, the vegetation would be flooded and suffer equally.

So the goal is a balanced flow of energy through all the meridians. These meridians have the lock gates, which we know as acupressure or acupuncture points. About these  the filling state of the channels can be selectively controlled according to specific rules. By this time latest it should be clear that acupressure and meridian massages follow energy principles. Therefore, these treatments can be so wonderfully supported and assisted with the crystal wands.

With appropriate crystal wands we can derive energy als well as supply energy. We can make the floodgates passable again for a harmonious flow of energy. As therapists and well being professionals we can also give our patients and clients a suitable crystal wand for self-massage of these points at home.

The fundamental question is always the same: Does this Meridian currently need more energy or should we relieve it of its overabundance. This question can be perfectly cleared with the testing modes.